I work closely with the CEO and Management Team and offer 3 tried and tested services individually or as a package:

Step 1 - I help the Management Team discover their WHY, their shared cause, their purpose.

Step 2 - I co-create and simplify the business strategy with the CEO, the Management Team and their direct reports.

Step 3 - I help the Management Team and direct reports cascade the purpose and business strategy to the full organisation through employee involvement and engaging strategy communication. 


A shared company purpose.

A united and aligned leadership team.

An empowered, engaged and involved middle management.

An organisation who understands the company’s ambition and strategy and their role and contribution.

When the strategy is clearly understood and accepted, the employee feels approximately 55% more empowered and gives 65% more commitment.

The result is a strategy, that has a significantly higher impact, and a proven effect on growth and business objectives.