I believe in inspiring people to live and breathe their company’s purpose and strategy…

I grew up in advertising and marketing and I have been fortunate to work for some remarkable brands at great agencies in London, Amsterdam and Copenhagen. In recent years, I have focused my efforts on strategy execution and strategy communication and helped companies create growth across Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Strategy Execution
I am skilled at co-creating and executing business strategies, as well as developing strategy communication. I have been in the driving seat of more than 30 successful strategy projects in Europe, Middle East, USA and Asia. In 2015, I was invited to join the expert panel of Børsen Ledelse.

More than 20 years of marketing and management experience from international advertising agencies in London, Middle East, Amsterdam and Copenhagen.

International Experience
Lived and worked in the UK, The Netherlands and France for more than 12 years, working for companies like J. Walter Thompson and Euro RSCG/MVBMS.

I have worked with business strategy development and strategy execution for companies like Kellogg (Europe, Middle East & Africa), VELUX (Europe), Toms Group, Oticon, TV 2, Boxer TV, BC Hospitality Group, NCC & Fritz Hansen. I am in awe of how a simple and focused strategy and a great execution of strategy can impact the business results and the quality of life of the people in a company…

I have been working closely with Christian Bjerrum since 2006.

The focus of our work has been around rallying the entire organization behind clear Strategic Change Initiative. A clear Change Management Process has been the backbone. This has been overlaid with a unique process which involves, stepwise, the entire organization in the creation and execution of the strategies and initiatives.

The results of the three specific Change Initiatives we have worked on have been very encouraging.

Christian brings some unique skills to bear on such Change Projects:
Firstly, his unique communication skills. With his background in Advertising and Communication he has a special ability to simplify, visualize and create real “Storytelling” which inspires and energizes the individual and make them “See the big picture, see my role, my contribution and my reward”

Secondly, his personality enables him to penetrate the organization at all levels and thereby help amplify messages as well as picking up relevant input for further strengthening of the change process

Finally, Christian is a true master of managing the process. Predictable, challenging yet consensus driven. He always delivers. It has been a true privilege to work with Christian.
— Flemming Sundø, Former General Manager KELLOGG's